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I really found the program to be extremely helpful. My biggest win that I will take away with me was the self-control in all areas of my life. I have lost weight, started training, my work results are better and more successful. If asked will I recommend it most definitely YES YES YES

Marisa Strobos

Lee has been facilitating my Thinking Into Results course. The course material is life changing, and brings a new dimension to your thought life, however this would not carry the impact if it were not for Lee. His interaction and mentoring style is phenomenal, and brings the course content to life. Lee shows an amazing grasp of understanding the content, and conveys the information clearly and concisely. Lee also presents himself professionally, and carry’s himself with confidence on stage. I would highly recommend the Thinking into Results course to anyone who wants to take their life from normal to “wow!” And on top of that recommendation, I would highly recommend Lee as your course facilitator.

Ashley Svensson

Lee walked me through the ‘Thinking into Results’ course with patience and encouragement. Lee is a wonderful facilitator and coach. He is up-toned and has a lighthearted energy to share. Lee walks the talk and is a great mentor and motivator. Lee has a keen interest in each of his clients growth and success. If you have a goal to reach or need some help along life’s way, Lee will guide you there.

Roxanne Svensson


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